Wednesday, February 24, 2010

IF - Propagate

No matter what she did, the gum continued to grow around her.

Yes, I'm going for another possible stretch of the word for the week! I am working off of this definition: "to cause to spread out and affect a greater number or greater area." I was proud of this illo that I did quite a while ago, and have been wanting to paint and post her, so I thought this a good opportunity. I drew it, I think, in response to a previous IF, but I can't remember...

I have found that I don't like the sizing in the watercolor paper. I am sure if I stretched the paper, it would become a none issue. But for these small illos and experiments, it is more of a hassle. I like working on illustration board, but I have been using a thin version, which of course curls when wet. I am going to pick up some thicker paper today and see how that works.

On another note, I recently discovered the art of Matt Phelan while picking up some books for the kids at the library (I got "Always" by Ann Stott*). I love the sketchy looseness in his art, and the simplicity in the layering in his watercolor, something I aspire to achieve (I tend to overwork my pieces at times). Check out his site and blog if you have the chance.

*Can someone explain to me why many published authors and illustrators are sucked into a land of oblivion with no other reference to themselves except for the small "spotlight" located deep in the publisher's website. Is this a contractual thing that they can't have their own website? Just curious.


3browngirls said...

cute illustration

Susan said...

Great concept Tom, love this!