Monday, April 6, 2009

My first illustration job

The above image marks my first official illustration for a client — a local history museum. The opportunity came up when they asked to use a map from one of the magazines I design. I asked the museum's director if she would allow me to illustrate the map as a donation for the experience. She agreed, and after about a week of planning and painting, the above map is the result.

I created the maps, compass rose, and "N" in watercolor and pen, and did the type, star and circles in Illustrator.

I am very please with how it turned out, and will be using it as part of my forthcoming online portfolio (still working for the June goal!).

Actually, this isn't my first map illustration. I did some watercolor and Illustrator maps for the Kentucky State Travel Guide a few years ago for my previous employer. Unfortunately, I can't find my copy, and I haven't made an effort to contact the Kentucky Tourism Bureau to see if they have any copies left.

Anyway, would love to know what you think!