Monday, June 30, 2008

IF: Feirce

I hadn't intended on posting this for IF until right as I was creating this entry, but it fits in a way. Colored pencil on copy paper.

I enjoy colored pencil, but need to work on blending. Want to get some smooth Bristol paper to see if that makes a difference. Anyone know?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Long time, no post...

Been a while since I posted a drawing. Been real busy with work, family, etc. I have been drawing quite a bit, mostly kids and faces. I did manage to get two previous drawings colored (above). Both are colored pencil; the dragon I did on plain copy paper, and the turtle on "sketching" paper. I enjoyed coloring both, and it was neat to see them come to life as I progressed. I like the smoothness of the copy paper (want to get some smooth Bristol paper soon to try that).

Below are some of the quick sketches I did during my "time off".

My goal now is to really focus on getting some smidgen of a portfolio started, using this post as a base (thanks Jen for the link). I have been on my journey for about 5 months now, and think I have come a long way. My goal is to have a good starting portfolio 7 months from now, maybe sooner. We'll see what happens! : )

Monday, June 16, 2008

Six unusual things...

I am going to tag myself with this meme going around where you list 6 unusual characteristics about yourself. I feel compelled, esp. since many others are tagging everyone who is willing to share. So I'm sharing...

1. I am deathly afraid of roaches. Not the little ones... the BIG palmetto bugs that crawl everywhere when the lights come on. I have no idea how I got this phobia, but it has not waned. I had one incident a few years ago in an outdoor shed at night. I knew there may be one or two roaches in there. As I opened the door, I heard many things hit the floor. I turned on the light and there was about 12-15 roaches crawling everywhere. I looked down and one big one was crawling up my leg (I had jeans on... whew!). I kid you not... I almost hyperventilated! Freakiest thing ever!

2. I like model trains. I used to be big into them, but over the years, my interest has gone down. I have them all in boxes, and want to put something together for me and the kids to work on, but so much other stuff seems to get in the way.

3. I like Spongebob and Fairly Odd Parents. I swear these are the kinds of cartoons I said I would never watch because I always thought they were stupid. Now that I have kids, and they watch it, I have really gotten in to each one (we watch them while getting ready for school). One of my favorite Spongebob moments is this.

4. I will stay up late just for the simple fact that I don't feel like I got enough of what I wanted to do done that day. I will either sit at the computer or in front of the TV, hoping inspiration will hit of some amazing thing that I can draw or create, or an idea I want to research, etc, etc.

5. My wife and I still use a baby monitor with our children (not in their rooms, in the hallway). It is more for my wife, as I am pretty sure we could hear them both if they called at night. But I admit, it does give me a bit of comfort!

6. I am a horrible romantic. I love my wife dearly, but the procrastinator in me takes over many times and I either wait too long to buy gifts, or forget what she told me she liked, etc. I have NEVER forgotten an important date or failed to get a gift, mind you, but let's just say there were occasions where the romantic husband I desire to be decided to take the day off. However, our 10 year anniversary is this July, so I hope to make it up to her!