Tuesday, April 2, 2013

IF - Egg

As mentioned below, I have missed drawing, so here is my first sketch in a long while... over 2 years for IF. Just a quick pencil rough of the first thing that came to me for this prompt.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Hello, again!

I am amazed that it has been over 2 years since my last post here. Boy does time fly. Though I have not been drawing much (if at all), I do swing by this old blog to reflect, and occasionally check in on my favorite illustrators from the list in the right column.

Each time I come, I realize how much I miss drawing and the connections to other artists I made thru this blog. Though I do not think I will become the professional childrens illustrator that was the impetus for this blog, I do want to begin drawing again, if only for the satisfaction of completing what I started 5 years ago.

Five years... wow!

I am still at the same job I have ranted about a few times here, designing magazines. It pays the bills, and offers many personal benefits that keep me here (and not seeking an office job outside of home). But it is not my career, my calling; not what I want to retire from. So yet I continue the search.

I am the proud father of a new baby girl (now 6 months old), along with my 9 year-old daughter, and 11 year-old son. Though she was not planned, she is a true gift from God, and I would not have it any other way (except that she sleep through the night!).

My comic strip has been an on again, off again project. I love doing it, and often look at the 20 strips I have completed, laugh at each one again, and tell myself to "send the dang thing to a syndicate already!" (I only need 4 more strips to have the required 24.)

It is interesting how much of an impact my interests have on my son. When I started drawing, he drew. When I started my comic strip, he started doing some. When I stopped, he, too, stopped, and that bothered me. So I hope that my getting back into it will ignite the fire in him again.

In my search to find my "calling", I discovered letterpress printing. Being a graphic designer by trade, I never considered printing as an option to pursue. I created the designs, was I supposed to print them as well? Well, with letterpress, I can, and it will provide me with a much sought after reprieve from the digital world I am immersed in every day. Though I have not yet begun any printing, I have acquired a press, some lead type, and other supplies, and hope to begin learning this dying yet reborn craft very soon.

Hope all is well in your world.