Tuesday, March 9, 2010

IF - Brave

Well, I braved a new medium with this illustration: acrylics. I have had my acrylics for a long time—the Liquitex BASIC colors—and have been putting off trying them for fear of messing up. Anyway, got over that fear about 2 weeks ago when I started this illo, and I was just today able to finish it. It was quite difficult as the paint kept drying on me, both on the painting and the pallette. I am pretty sure the illustration board I was using was sucking the moisture out of the paint, but not sure. I have some acrylic paper that I will try next time. I am pretty happy with this first attempt. Hopefully the other paper will allow me more working time.


INDIGENE said...

It's always scary trying something new, and trying a new medium is no different. Just remember, it's okay to color outside the lines. :) Lovely first try! Looking forward to seeing more.

Anonymous said...

This is a nice illustration. Try using an acrylic medium to slow down the drying process. I like gloss medium, but I am not sure if that will work for you.


Susan said...

This is adorable Tom! Really great try with the acrylics - I love them because of the short drying time, I always had a difficult time working with oils - everything turned out muddy. I was actually thinking of doing the same, getting out my acrylics again.

I think it came out great! Mfarda is right, a medium gloss or matte will probably help with painting time.

Thanks too for the reciprocal follow!