Friday, February 12, 2010

IF - Muddy

Well, I missed the deadline for IF this week, but since they keep it up a bit afterwords, I thought I'd post it anyway! I am really pleased with this illustration, both in the composition and painting. Two things I would change are the amount of yellow in the painting (different color shirt maybe), and the dog's muzzle (looks ok, but could be better). I try not to get too caught up in perfect anatomy in my drawings as that is not what I want, but I do want body parts (animal or human) to be in proper proportion to the whole figure.

Anyway, I really like this. I probably could have done it on time, but I still get a bit intimidated about putting brush to paper. (I hate to have to redo stuff.)

Oh, and the illustration represents the moment directly after you have washed and dried your dog! Not sure if it is done out of spite, or to save face in front of other dogs! : P


Kathleen Rietz said...

very cute!!

Rui Sousa said...

Lovely work, excellent interpretation of the week´s subject. Great!
Congratulations and keep the good work!

The Temporary

michele said...

Ha ha, this made me smile...And reminds me that there are two pups who need baths! Fun image!

Susan said...

Great illo Tom! Thanks for stopping by, nice to hear from you again.

This is indeed a universal moment for dog lovers everywhere - your watercolors are really fun, don't hesitate to share them too much! Your instincts are right on with the shirt color, I wouldn't change a thing except that. Your main focal point is the dog who is yellow, so that's why you got that red flag going up - it takes a bit away from him. If you felt like playing with it you could dampen it to lighten, then add a bit of blue to make a light green or straight green, depending on what you have - that would go with your grass. That will help keep the eye moving around before coming back to rest on rover. Hope I'm making sense!

Anyway - great job!

Krista said...

Nice! I love the tongue hanging out almost to his eye-- he's so gleeful about all that mud! Great character!

Tom Barrett said...

Thanks for all the comments. Sorry for not getting back sooner. Busy times! :P

Lisa M Griffin said...

Now that is one happy dog! Thanks for sharing.

Shirley said...

NIce work, Tom! Your muddy/wet doggie is captured well. The pose is quite fun too. I'm glad you posted the IF! I will check in now and again on all of the fun there..thank you for visiting and your kind words. I'll be back soon (I hope!) : )