Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Revised Jack and the Giant sketch

Here is a revised version of my Jack and the Giant illustration. Moved the giant's left hand as was suggested in one comment, and after my "head" sketching last week, decided to give Jack a new head as well. Overall it looks better, but I lost the perspective the giant's left foot had in the original. Will have to revisit that.

Any further suggestions welcome.


sketched out said...

This is great! I think you're pulling off the perspective wonderfully. You might already do this, but as far as trying find the right body language, I'll either have somebody pose for me, or I'll pose in the mirror, when I get stumped. But I think Jack's arm and hand look like he's scared and not like he's waving. So good job there.

Looking forward to the finished piece!

Tom Barrett said...

Thanks, Linda!

Yes, I do pose, or look at any photos I can find online. I need to get a mirror in the office as I have to keep walking to the bathroom mirror! :P

Carli said...

It looks good tom.

Tom Barrett said...

Thanks, Carli!

RyanLoghry said...

Nice forced perspective Tom. I've had a mirror on my desk since I started learning animation, it's a great tool.

nessadee said...

Great perspective in this sketch! I like the expression on Jack's face.

Thanks for the nice comments!