Friday, February 6, 2009

Heads, heads, heads.

Decided to take a detour this week to hone my skills at drawing heads. Most of'em came out ok, some not like I wanted, but it's all good! I want to practice more on varying the shape of the head, and work on some more adult heads. Figured I better practice a bit more on character development before I start throwing them in to scenes.

Another thing I gained during this exercise is the ability to let go and draw a bit more loosely, thus preventing too many thoughts or "rules" hinder my drawing. Something that helped was drawing with my non-photo blue pencil (Col-Erase Non-Photo Blue pencil). I has a very hard lead, so I was able to start lightly, and build the heads without really worrying about erasing. Unfortunately, that was my last non-photo blue pencil, and I could not find them anywhere in town. I did finally find them online at Utrecht Art Supply. Never heard of Utrecht before now. Always went to Dick Blick. Prices are pretty comparable. Anyway, I have 5 on the way!

So before I bore you any further, I'll stop.

Thanks for your comments and suggestions on the Jack and the giant illo. They are appreciated and very helpful. And thanks for visiting!

Happy drawing!