Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jack and the Giant colored

Here is my Jack and the Giant illustration finally colored. The bottom of the table top needs to be darker, and more shadow for the giant's foot, but overall I like the way it turned out. I outlined the background with a Prismacolor 70% Warm Gray, and the rest of the scene with a 90% Warm Gray. I struggled with this a bit when I started, making one line as I went around, but then I decided to go back and sketch it up a bit, varying the line weights, and I like it a lot better. But, is the dark line too much? Should I use a lighter line, especially on the lighter colors? Don't want my illustrations to look like pages from a coloring book! :P

Would love to know your thoughts!


sketched out said...

Looks great Tom! You know what might be fun, is if you used that fireplace as a more dynamic light source and got more dramatic with the shading on the giant. Sometimes, when I do a traditional illo, I'll take it into Photoshop and play around with it to see what works. Do you ever do that?

You're doing some great work here, mister. Keep it up!

Chickengirl said...

Really bold perspective...I love it that you are questioning your line variations and colors...I would agree with sketched out that you should play around with photoshop and see what works!