Friday, July 18, 2008

Painting with light

I love photography, especially macro photography. It is very exciting to be able to get close-up images of different items that we are unable to appreciate with the naked eye. My camera—a Minolta DiMage Z1 that I bought about 2 years ago—is not a professional one, but it takes amazing shots when I get the settings correct. And it's SuperMacro feature is what I used to get some of the shots below.

It has been quite rainy the past two days, and on my daily walk today, I noticed a beautiful purple flower on the vines covering my neighbor's fence. I went and grabbed my camera and took a trek around the yard taking macro shots of whatever caught my eye. Enjoy!

My cat Tiger!

Don't know the name of this flower, but love the water drops on it.

My wife's pink rose. ©2008 Tom Barrett

Banana Spider. ©2008 Tom Barrett

Tomatoes in my garden!

Small ant on a watermelon blossom.

Fly on a watermelon blossom. Was excited to get this one.
I thought he would fly away as I got the camera closer!

Baby watermelon, about the size of your pinky finger.


Bee said...

Love the purple flower with droplets on, beautiful, it almost looks digitally enhanced. (P.s. I think my lighthouse cat is just wondering why he's been left there alone!)

Kelly Medina said...

Wow, these are some great macro photos, Tom.

The purple flower is unreal - at first glance it looked like an outer space rendering. The middle source of light and gradients of the flower are so amazing. Awesome!

And the photo of Tiger, well, that is simply one cute face.

Thanks for your comment about Fleet Foxes video on my blog. I think that is very impressive you have played around with stop animation.

Kate said...

I love photography, too! These are wonderful. I find it so relaxing to take my camera out and get some rare shots.

carli said...

great photos Tom. that purple flower is awesome and the rose is beautiful. I just love how clear the raindrops are

Jess said...

Hi Tom, I love that purple one! It looks lke it could be made into a poster. :)

Tom Barrett said...

Thanks, Kate! I agree, photography can be quite relaxing, and digital makes it even more so, because you can shoot and shoot and not worry about wasting film if you don't get a perfect shot the first time.

Carli: My neighbor told me what kind of flower that purple one is yesterday, and now I can't remember again! :P And the rose we got at Lowes. We bought six, and they have been the best roses.

Jess: Yes, it would make a great poster. Unfortunately, my camera's focus can be hit or miss since I have to focus thru the LCD. I can get pretty close, but it will never be good enough to blow up large. One day I hope to get and SLR camera with better lenses!

sketched out said...

These are gorgeous Tom! Very well done indeed! It will be great when you get the better lenses, because you could make such beautiful posters. Your work could put some others I've seen to shame!

Oh, and, of course, Tiger is a complete doll! I just want to scratch him behind his/her(?) little ears.

Tom Barrett said...

Thanks, Linda.

Tiger is a boy, and he luuuuvs to be scratched behind his ears!

Diana Evans said...

oh wow are an amazing photog too!!! nice work

Alicia Padrón said...

Lovelty photos Tom!

I love tiger.. how cute! The picture just below him, the one you don;t know the name for.. looks like a supernova you know? A space shot of a star being born :o)