Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Illustrator Tasha Tutor passes

Doing research for a freelance design job, and came upon the news that a well-known illustrator by the name of Tasha Tutor had died on June 18th at the age of 92. Many of you may have already heard this news. Honestly, I had never heard of her until today. Kinda surprising since her latest book was published in 2003. (Wow, 87 and still drawing. We all should be so lucky!) I am going to head to the library this weekend to see if I can find some of her books. Should be inspiring!

This article was interesting.

Her family has a website as well.


ms. froggie said... we're all just puppies then! :)) i'm going to look for her as well, tom. and yes, you absolutely can add me to your list. i'd be honored. :))

Nikki said...

Thanks for visiting my blog...
You can add me to your blog list!

Jess said...

Thanks Tom, I really enjoyed reading about Tasha and her family! I hadn't heard of her either.

Paola said...

Well Tom, I really want to thank you about this post, I have enjoyed the reading of the links and discovered this wonderful woman. Quite encouraging and inspiring!
I see she has illustrated one of my favourite books "The Secret Garden" in a delicious way.
Thank you again, Tom and also for your kind words about my work, I really appreciate it :)

sketched out said...

Hey, thanks Tom. Cool article. I hadn't really heard of her until now. Very inspiring indeed!

Paola said...

Hi Tom! there is an award waiting for you in my blog. Please don't feel obliged about it, it's just a way to tell you how much I appreciate your work and thank you.