Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wide Load revised

Here is an updated sketch for the "Wide Load" image from yesterday! Any suggestions you have on composition, etc., would be most helpful! I am going to try to paint it tonight. Click the image for a larger version.

UPDATE: Well, didn't get to paint it yet. Good husband that I am, I had to help my wife with some stuff for her preschool class. Attempted a color study in Photoshop, but it came out wrong; used too much texture (gotta learn to K.I.S.S. on these things!) Hope to do a small watercolor study sometime today!


RyanLoghry said...

Looks great Tom. I can't wait to see the color version.

Kate said...

Cute! Reminds me of a classic coloring book page.

The only thing I am thinking is that it might actually be kind of fun if there were other bugs on the back porch waving at the ant driving the car. And maybe there is a bug hagning out the side window. And maybe sometrhing going on in the bottom right of the drawing...a butterfly flying into the scene of other bugs playing, or another mushroom house. The drawing seems like a great start, but feels like it is not quite complete to me. I want to see more activity in this little bug village.

Hope that helps. : )

sheree said...

oh my goodness! haha - i suddenly feel self conscious about my own "wide load" :)

i think its great! also, i think Kate has some great ideas. and b/c i love dogs, it'd be cute if the ant in the car had some sort of pet hanging his head out with tongue lollygaggin' in the wind. :)

Tom Barrett said...

Thanks Ryan!

Great ideas, Kate! I did have a couple bugs in the original sketch. I plan to add a few to the finished piece. The bottom right seemed the perfect spot for some text, so I thought I would write a short poem to fit there.

We'll see! :)

Thanks for the idea, Sheree! Have t think what in the insect world would be small enough for an ant's pet. I recall in "Bugs Life" that the queen had an aphid!

Jess said...

I'm looking forward to the coloured version - I hope you get some time!

MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

Tom, this one sure look different to compare with other, lots going on!
Good hubby you are! Quite show us the color.