Monday, May 5, 2008

Days 6 – 8 of 21

Well... didn't get any drawing done over the weekend. My son turned 7 Friday, and we had his party Saturday. I did manage to squeeze in a bit of art just before the party, though! I decorated the cake. My wife and I decided that doing the cake ourselves would be the most fun and least expensive route for this birthday! She baked two sheet cakes, stacked'em, and I did the decorating. As in most art, getting started was the hardest—you know... you don't want to mess up your kids birthday cake. However, as is always the case, it was easier than I made it out to be, and came out pretty good if I do say so myself, as shown in the photo.

Sunday, no drawing. Being too tired and having a headache almost all day didn't help.

Today I had jury duty (fun :P). Anyway, I took my sketchbook along and managed to get down some sketches between directions and my courtroom assignment. Took a bit to get over the "stage fright" of drawing in a room full of about 100-120 people, though. They came out pretty good, though the necks are a tad long! : )

Once I got in the first courtroom (a holding area until the real courtroom was ready), my final sketch of the day was this:

In the end, the attorneys said something to the judge, and the judge announced that our group would not be needed, and we were free from our duty (yea!!).


Diana Evans said...

Hi! that cake is amazing and what a delight to make a special cake and how wonderful that you decorated rock!

wow...jury duty...and I am thrilled that you took your sketch book with you...neat work on these faces and I love the leap for joy guy!

Deb said...

Great cake, Tom!!! And love your judge. I know that feeling of sketching in public. Intimidating!

Tom Barrett said...

Thanks Diana and Deb. I know Spongebob isn't the most difficult character to recreate, but I was proud none-the-less, especially doing it freehand with a butter knife! :P

Not sure why drawing in public is so daunting. I think to cure myself, I am going to buy some big chalk, and walk out on a public sidewalk and start sketching (with the proper permits, of course! :D )

MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

I know the girl reading on the floor, the Judge sure looks happy..
Happy Belated to your boy.

MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

I meant I like the girl reading drawing.

Alicia Padrón said...

Wow, Tom where do i begin? The cake, is perfect! It is the perfect cake for a seven year old. Congratulations Tom!

The sketches are fun, my favorite is the face of the smiling boy . So cute, with his eyes closed like that.

And very good for you that you took your sketchbook to jury duty! I'm so proud :o)

RyanLoghry said...

I've only been visiting your blog since the challenge started, but that's the most involved background I've seen you do Tom(in the judge image). Nice work there.

I also like the great facial expressions on the other characters.

Excellent work on the cake, I bet your boy loved that. 8 )

Candace Trew Camling said...

that cake is really amazing! I had jury duty last was pretty boring! I had the same circumstance almost exactly as you did.

Gina Perry said...

Excellent cake work - I totally want one for my birthday too!

I really like the pose of the girl reading - great job on the perspective.

sheree said...

what a fantastic cake, Tom -- yum! i want to make a friend a cake this year, but am unsure if i can pull it off using a toaster oven and a prayer! haha --- i have a stove from 1923, but the oven doesn't work :(

love the jury room illos - i have to call up and see if have jury duty in less than two weeks - i've never been and being self-employed i dont really want to go --- and the whole thing freaks me out, but maybe i'll luck out and get to leave after a day like you :) -- (i'll bring my sketchbook)

Cindy DiBlasi said...

That cake was a nice surprise upon clicking on your profile! And you did a great job.
I always feel weird about taking my sketchbook along and sketching around people. Everybody wants to have a peek and to me it's a very personal thing. I like your judge!
And it's good to know you weren't selected, shewww!

Tom Barrett said...

Thanks, everyone, for the nice comments on the cake. My son loved it! Spongebob is his favorite show at the moment. Actually, we all like it!

Ryan: I have done a few full "scenes" in past posts (see my IF Heavy, Garden, and Leap posts in March, and the IF Save post in April).

Candace: Yes, I was glad I wasn't picked, though it would have been interesting to see the process in action!

Sheree: The jury duty process is pretty boring. A lot of siting and waiting. Not sure about your court system, but here, being self-employed unfortunately is not a reason one can use to not serve if chosen. :P And definitely take your sketchbook.

Cindy: After I began sketching, no one really bothered me (or at least I didn't notice, or care at that point!) :)

Monica said...

That cake is perfect, very impressive! I bet it was a hit with everyone at the party.

Great idea to bring a sketchbook with you to the courthouse. I like the judge, sitting in that big chair.

lee said...

that cake looks pretty good, the sketches were great.

Alina Chau said...

That cake ROCKS! Fun drawings too!

Eugenia Gina said...

tom, I won't show this to my daughter.. you know what it'll become.. if she saw it heehee..!!
Great cakes, and great father!!

carli said...

your sketches look great. so does your cake. I hope your son had a wonderful birthday

sketched out said...

Your Sponge Bob cake turned out fabulous! Your son must have been thrilled.

Glad you got over your stage fright of sketching in public. It can be such a gratifying experience and there is a wealth of subjects to choose from, eh?. Love your judge, hee hee! Good action there.

Rock on dude!

Kate said...

I am SO impressed! Honestly, you have been so faithful with your posts. I am really enjoying your work and all of the things you are trying.

And I have to tell you that my chin hit the computer desk when I saw the cake! That is so cool!


Chickengirl said...

The sponge bob cake is awesome!!! Your son should know he's got a cool dad!!

princesstomato said...

freehand, with a butterknife! classic. :) love all the work you have been up to and i hope your son had a super seventh bday!

可可 said...