Friday, May 16, 2008

Days 16-18 of 21

Wednesday left me no time to draw as I had a magazine to get to the printer. Finished that up Thursday morning. Managed to get a bit of drawing done Thursday afternoon, and finished it today. The challenge I gave myself was character consistency.

I started with Billy, below.

The middle sketch was the first drawing, and based the others on that. Billy is a bit rambunctious, and loud and likes to step on bugs just to hear'em crunch.

Katie was my next character.

A sweet girl, she loves nature. Very happy and tenderhearted.

(The bottom left sketch of Katie was supposed to be her brushing her teeth in the mirror, but it ended up being to close to the larger sketch; will try that again later!)

These are the traits I used for each, trying to both convey their personality and have each drawing be consistent with the character's look. I think you can tell I spent more time on Katie than Billy. Still working on slowing myself down when I draw.

Love to know what you think.


RyanLoghry said...

Great stuff Tom! Interesting perspective on the bug's eye view. I like both sets of sketches, you have good continuity in both.

A tip for you, when doing cleanup on your sketches, if you use the clone tool (assuming your using Photoshop) instead of a white brush or airbrush, you'll get the same tone as your background. That way you still have the paper texture in there, and it's a similar value.

Lisa M Griffin said...

I love the sketches of Katie, especially the one with the butterfly on her nose and the one in the top corner. It looks like she is turning her face up to the sun. I also agree that you have executed her continually well throughout the sketch. Thanks for sharing.

Paola said...

The evolution in your sketches is amazing Tom! Both characters are consistent and their personalities are very well represented through the different situations.
The bug's perspective is great and Katie is so adorable! I love all her sketches, her crossed eyes with the butterfly, her sad expression with the birdie... very beautiful!

Alicia Padrón said...

awesome Tom!!! Both of them!

I think the boy is consistent and the perspective from beneath is AMAZING!! You really nailed that one and os such a tough pose!! Good for you Tom!

The girl is adorable.. she does look like you wanted her to look, very sweet. I think that your idea of having her brushing her teeth is perfect. The pose is working so well, and the image in front could be her reflection you just have to erase a bit and have her brush her teeth.

Great, great work Tom!!

Monica said...

Character consistency is something that I certainly need to work on. You've done a great job on these two characters, and have also placed them in interesting poses and situations. This is a great exercise, Tom, and you've certainly inspired me to try something similar. By the way, Katie is indeed a sweetie!

Tom Barrett said...

Thanks, everyone for the nice comments. I was quite surprised as I drew the Katie character at how well she came out. Proof that if I take it slow, the results are far better, and encouraging to keep me going on this journey! : )