Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Now for some color...

Happy hump day to all! Below is the colored version of the illustration I did for last week's IF: Metropolis. It is done in watercolor and pencil. Overall I like it, but the shadows on the boys came out a bit too muddy. And the composition needs work. The tree with the single branch just is not working. If you remember the sketch, you will notice I made some changes to the drawing before I colored it. I moved the boy on the left so he overlapped the box closest to him, and moved the tire swing further away from the boy on the right. I tried some experiments with both pencil and a 90% gray Prismacolor, but they did not turn out well, though I do like the fence lines. I plan to redraw this

My next illustration is a small one of a little girl feeding chickens. This one I like a lot better, though, in hindsight, it needs more in the background. I love how the little girl turned out. Still watercolor, but I did the shadows differently, and I outlined her lightly with a Micron 02 pen. The original sketch is below as well.

Still trying to make the goal of the grant deadline, so stay tuned for more on that.

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