Thursday, December 18, 2008

Close up views

©Tom Barrett

©Tom Barrett

©Tom Barrett

What I love most about macro photography is it allows you to capture the inherent beauty of subjects that normally appear mundane. With our naked eyes, we are unable to see all the details that make that item beautiful. I guess it I the old "can't see the forest for the trees" kind of mentality. The two top photos are essentially weeds, and the other is a dead leaf, all of which we either spray, cut, or rake away. With macro photography, we are able to appreciate the fine lines in the veins of a leaf, and the delicate fingers in the dandelion seeds.

I took the above photos yesterday while playing with a camera my boss has loaned me to take photos for the magazine I design. It Minolta DiMage 7i 5 megapixel camera. What's cool is it takes RAW images. Any of you with any digital photography knowledge know that RAW images contain much more information in the file than the typical JPEG that most digital cameras take. This in turn allows MUCH more freedom in the editing process to correct possible flaws or mistakes.

The dandelion came out great, and I thought the details in the other two were nice.

I really like nature photography, and coupling that with macro, you get some really cool images. I hope to one day some have the ability to get a dSLR so I can swap lenses and get a nice telephoto so I can do more shots of animals, especially birds. We have so many around here since we have bird feeders in the front and back yards.

Anyway, nothing to do with illustration, but I wanted to share.


Matalonga Jorge said...

Beautifull photos Tom!

Thx for your comment in my "similar" post.

Kate said...

It amazes me that as cold and icy as it is up here, down in Florida you have LIFE...dandelions, greenery and flourishing leaves!

I love photography, too. Very relaxing for me. Great photos, Tom. Thanks for posting them.

Tom Barrett said...

Thanks Matalonga!

Kate: As odd as this may sound, I would rather it be cold (not snow and icy, just colder than 80 degrees!) I mean, it's winter!! It is supposed to get cooler next week, which will be good.

Yes, photography can be relaxing. My only frustration comes from photographing my children in motion, or in low light, due to the picky focusing of my camera. Many times, by the time the camera has focused, the shot is gone. Don't know if a dSLR would alleviate some of those problems, but I would like to try one out to see.

Alicia Padrón said...

I love the dandelion Tom! Beautiful pics :o)

Tom Barrett said...

Thanks, Alicia! Glad you're feeling better!