Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cold Snowman?

We have neighbors who go all out in decorating their home for Christmas. We drove passed on the way home from church last night, and we noticed a lighted snowman warming himself by an accompanying fire. Thus the drawing above. I was going to leave it at the snowman, but added the reindeer for some additional humor and "story."

I don't like the way his arm and hand came out, so I will have to work on that.

Another one to color. Now if I can just stop drawing long enough to color some of my previous works!!


Chickengirl said...

hahah! I always love funny and silly stuff like this! This snow man is so cute and round!!

I feel like you should do a before and after illustration! hehehe!

Kate said...

This is adorable! Very cute, Tom.

Alicia Padrón said...

This is awesome Tom!! Please take it to color!!
It's funny, cute and I LOVE the snowman. The hand doesn't bother me at all. Why don't you try and make it into a mitten instead? I think the fingers is what is making you think you are not sure about it.

Haha, you remind me of my son. He draws and draws and has tons of papers all over the house with wonderful funny cartoony drawings. But he hardly uses color, drawing is his thing. My daughter on the other hand loves to color and can spend all afternoon carefully coloring inside the lines :o)

Tom Barrett said...

Thanks, Jannie. I might do the B&A, maybe with half his rear gone! :P

Thanks, Kate!

Thanks, Alicia! Yea, I guess a mitten would make sense, since he is "cold."

The thing with coloring is the intimidation factor. I psych myself into worrying about messing up, or wasting paper, etc, etc...

I was like that with drawing, but I am pretty confident in my drawing now. And if I have an idea pop into my head, I just have to get it down before I forget it.

Just gotta take that first step in the coloring process, and once I get over that hump, I can keep going, and am usually satisfied with the end result! :)

Practice, practice, and more practice!

Gail said...

Very cute Tom!
The kids loved it. I really like the expression and position of the second deer, the one cocking his head to the side. We see a lot of deer here in the city and by the mountains and this is a very realistic stance.
Thanks for the view!

Tom Barrett said...

Thanks, Gail!

Ginger*:)* said...

This would be wonderful in color. I like that you added the reindeer, they always seem to show up at this time of year.

Carli said...

this one is really cute. I love his expression and the curious reindeer. You definetly have to color this one. ADORABLE!

sketched out said...

Sooooo funny! I like the attitude of his body and the perspective, also the way the shadow is falling in front of him. Good stuff Tom!

Tom Barrett said...

Thanks Ginger, Carli and Linda!