Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Challenge - Days 7 & 8

Busy day yesterday, so I didn't get to post, so today I have 2 drawings. This one I started yesterday at a doctors appt., and finished today.

This one I did right after the one above.

One funny thing about when I draw is that my sketches never end like they began in my head, sometimes drastically. I hope that proves to be a good thing should this journey become a career.


One another note, I would like to thank Jess and Diana for the great awards they bestowed on me the past couple of days! Once again, though, I am going to have to cheat and send these awards out to all who take the time to visit my blog and leave encouraging and helpful comments and suggestions! During this journey, I have met many wonderful people, all deserving an award for their mutual support of each other—whether newbie or veteran—in a field where we are all competing to some degree. That is rare in many other professions, and I am glad to be a part of this group!


Gail said...

Tom, I quite taken with your illustrations. Great expressions! My kids really like them but they think the characters should have names. Who is that? they keep asking and we try to make up a story. Thanks for your comment on my blog and yes you can add me to your blogroll as long as I can add you to mine.

Carli said...

hey tom
i also have an award for you at my blog. I have been so busy lately that I haven't had much time to look at all the wonderful blog i usuallly check out (yours included) your challenge sketches look great so far. i love the boy with his head hanging out of the window, the girl holding the kitten, and the perspective on the kite sketch is great. it looks good have a nice day. Carli

theartofpuro said...

First of all,thanks for the comment.
Then,go on drawing and the results will arrive.I remember when I started to draw humans and I hated it but practise it the best way to win.

Katie said...

Wonderful illustrations. Cute little boy and great creative ideas. Thank you for your comments on mine.

Kay Aker said...

Fun, lively sketches!

Chickengirl said...

The tongue sticking out is so cute!