Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Journey Begins

I have always loved to draw. I don't know a time when I haven't doodled or sketched on whatever paper surface I had available.

Over the past few years, I have had this desire to illustrate for children. Not just books, but anything—a magazine, card, website... whatever. I have never made it a point to practice in this genre, but I have done some drawings that I feel have potential.

While online the other day, I came across a website called Living the Creative Dream by artist Holly Conger. I was quite taken by her will to succeed at promoting herself as a childrens illustrator. Her drive and dedication changed my thinking on how to pursue your dream, and the time—and that's the kicker—the time, and work, it takes to get it done. As I grew up, I became somewhat of an instant gratification kind of guy when it came to art, which hindered my drawing at times. If the piece I was working on didn't come out to look like the totally awesome image I had in my head (or the art I saw online or in books), I would get discouraged and stop. Recently, however, I saw potential in my drawings. It is that potential that brings me where I am today.

So, inspired by Holly, I begin my journey to illustration nirvana... and a chance to become the artist I know is inside me.

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