Wednesday, January 23, 2008


It is amazing the clarity that comes from drawing (or any art you participate in). Since staring this journey, I have a better attitude at work, I interact better with my kids, I am just a happier person. I guess I had a lot of bottled up creativity that just wasn't getting out thru my graphic design projects.

I recently purchased The Creative License by Danny Gregory on the recommendation of an acquaintance. It is very inspiring, and has, in part, given me the motivation to keep at it every day. He encourages you to draw every day, to slow down and "see" what you are drawing and put that on paper, no matter how good, bad or otherwise. Just draw. It is all a part of becoming a better artist.
Another good read is Martin Salisbury's book Illustrating Children's Books. This starts with a short history of book illustration. It then goes into the importance of drawing from life (both people and animals), drawing on location, and drawing from memory (going out without any drawing materials, observing and coming back to draw what you saw), giving you the means of creating a "file" of information to pull from come the time you are faced with a blank page and no subject to reference. He also covers different art mediums, character development, and creating your own books.

While I have been drawing, I haven't made much progress on the people practice. I hope to get to the zoo this week providing the weather is good and I can get caught up on work!