Friday, January 23, 2015


Wanted to give an update as to my progress. While I do not yet have any completed illustrations, I have made some good progress on the sketches. Below are three sketches that are fairly complete and near what the final illustration will look like, thought the "Moses" one still needs a bit of work. I would have liked to have had more done by now, but life always manages to throw some curve balls. My goal is to have it all finished by mid-March so I have time to adjust anything before I send it off for the Don Freeman Grant.

As for my other goals I listed last post, you can see that the blog still looks the same and I have not drawn every day. Still working on the confidence, but it is getting better the more I work on my illustrations. One bad habit I have is I am easily distracted, especially when it comes time to work on my illustrations. I tend to do more research than necessary, or look at others' studio spaces, or desks I would like to have (my current space does not make for the best drawing environment), etc, etc. I need a little elf next to me that throws a pencil at me when I have been online a bit too long! Anyway, I digress...

Keep checking back in the coming weeks for my next progress update.

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