Friday, December 5, 2014

Little girl

Here is an attempt to get consistency in a character. I think I did pretty good. Still need to work on hands, hair, and feet, though.

I wonder, too, if I get too caught up in proper anatomy. I see these same characteristics in others illustrations (no neck, "rubber" arms, and odd joints in the legs/hips), but am I doing them in a way that still looks OK. Or am I being too critical/picky?

2 comments: said...

Hi, Tom. Congrats on completing PiBoIdMo 2014! I, too, participated and completed. So very glad to have taken on the challenge again.
I'm interested in your illustrating and the process you demonstrate here, especially as I would like to learn but I'm stalling on the starting line. I think drawing my ideas would help in the writing process.
If you would like to reply, please feel free to track me to my blog and use my contact page.
Hope to hear from you; thanks, Tom, and I wish you well with your writing. - Lynn

Tom Barrett said...

Hi Lynn,
Thanks for the comment. I will be in contact.