Wednesday, April 2, 2014

First steps

Hair has always been my Achilles heal when it comes to drawing, but then, I never really practiced drawing just hair. So, I took on the task of doing some quick drawings focusing on the hair. I think they came out pretty well. And I really like each kid as a whole. I was quite surprised when I finished the little girl in the top right (the first one I did).

One thing you might notice is that many of my drawings have a slight lean to the right. I never really noticed it until I started doing my comic strip and turning the drawings backwards while inking them. Not sure how to fix that issue; will have to work on it.

The images below are some drawings I did recently when the pull to draw came back to me.

Amelia Island Lighthouse (from photo)

I continue to be encouraged and excited as I pick up where I left off. I plan to challenge myself here soon with 30 drawings in 30 days or something similar. I got a book from the library on learning the basics of the Bible in 30 days, so I'd like to correlate my drawing with that. Check back to see what happens.

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