Monday, July 13, 2009

Kitten paintings

Did these over the past week, and finally got the last painting done today. Again, just working on small paintings to practice. Below are some images showing the process I have adopted for my illustrations. Would appreciate any feedback!

First sketch quickly with a technical pencil.
My wife said the original looked a bit odd, so I did a quick alternate (left) to adjust it. :P

Next, I resketch the drawing using a non-photo blue pencil. This pencil allows me a bit more freedom as I can get the lines really light, and build the sketch slowly. Once I like the blue sketch, I outline it in pencil.

I put the finished outlined sketch on my lightbox, and lay illustration board on top, both taped down to avoid movement. I then redraw the illustration in ink with a nib pen. After I have the lines, I go back and add sketchy marks which give the drawing a bit more life and movement.

And finally, I paint it with watercolor.


RyanLoghry said...

Terrific action in this pose Tom. I also like how you presented the steps in your process. Nice work!

Mônica said...

Cute characters and pose, Tom!

I have a similar process: I do an initial sketch with technical pencil, usually rather small and loose. I then enlarge it, either on a photocopier or using my scanner. Then I use a lightbox as well to transfer the now larger sketch to watercolor paper using light pencil strokes. I ink it with a pen and nib, trying to keep the drawing loose, erase the pencil marks, and paint with watercolor. :-)

Tom Barrett said...

Thanks, Ryan!

Thanks, Mônica! I like the technical pencil and the thin lines. I plan to get some blue leads for it, as the non-photo blue pencils dull quickly, making it hard for me to sketch like I want. I have to sharpen it about every 5 - 8 minutes to keep the point I want. :P

Edrian Thomidis said...

Great job Tom! I love the movement and action here!

Tom Barrett said...

Thanks, Edrian!

sa said...