Thursday, June 25, 2009

IF - Drifting

Trying to get back in the swing of posting regularly after a brief hiatus. Had a period of self-doubt there about my art (is it good enough, etc., etc), illustration as a viable profession (stupid economy), and all sorts of other things (there was actually a period where I thought I wanted to sell hot dogs! (not that there's anything wrong with that!)). I never really stopped drawing, as my pile of unfinished drawings will prove; just wasn't up to posting anything.

But never fear, I am back on track and committed to seeing this through! Needless to say I didn't reach my goal of having a website by June, but at this point, my goal is to practice my painting until I am happy with the final art. Below are 2 recent watercolors. I bought some new watercolors to see how the better pigments my work. The fairy I outlined with a dip pen (which I really like using), and the mouse I outlined with a PrismaColor 005 pen. I like the PrismaColor pens for their line quality, but the ink could be darker. I overworked the mouse painting a bit, mostly on his body.

Like most of my IF posts, I have to submit a sketch as time has gotten away (doesn't help that I am on deadline at work. : P ) I am going to paint this (note the determination!), and will post in the near future.

Thanks for stopping by!


Jennifer said...

Nothing wrong with taking a hiatus, Tom. I think your doubts are probably universal to all artists, no matter what stage you're at! Keep going. (And nice sketches.) :-)

Alicia Padrón said...

I agree with Jen, keep going!! Don't let the down times stop you. We all struggle with our art and doubt ourselves sometimes. That's in a way good, it makes you push harder.

I really LOOOOOVE your fairy Tom! It's perfect. You have a wonderful portfolio character right there!

Diane Smith said...

Glad your back - nothing like a break to clear the mind. One thing I've come to realize: there's ALWAYS someone whose work looks better to me. But then, people are always looking for different styles depending on the project (I have to remind myself...). And, there's no one's work that looks just like mine :)

Anyway, love the composition and theme of the baby in the basket. And, one day I'll have step out of ye olde comfort zone and try "dipped" pen/ink - I had a teacher that swore by it (it gives a much more diverse variation of line). But, still clutching my technical pens...must...let...go...

Diane Smith said...

Oops - meant to make the point that no one's work looks like mine OR yours! We're all going to bring something unique to the table. The way I phrased it sounded rather self-centered :P

Tom Barrett said...

Thanks, Jennifer, Alicia and Diane!

I just gotta stop worrying about all that stuff and get some work out there. Chicken Little said it best... "Today is a new day."

princesstomato said...

Hey Tom,
Good to see you back!
We all go through the ups and downs. That is just life, and life specifically as an artist. :) Hang it there and just do like you always do--keep on keeping on!


Pencil Pocket said...

I know what you mean! That always happens to me too! Your watercolours are lovely!