Monday, November 17, 2008

Tag... I'm it.

Fellow artist Deb has tagged me to share 7 things about myself. I did this a while back, so here is some new stuff!

1. In addition to drawing and photography, I enjoy wood working, model trains, and gardening. Finding time for all those activities, needless to say, proves difficult!

2. I love roller coasters, except for wooden ones. (I'll ride the wooden ones, but I enjoy the smooth ride of the steel coasters way more!!)

3. I loathe having to work indoors on beautiful days (like today!).

4. Mountain Dew is my coffee.

5. I listen to contemporary Christian music. My favorite group is Third Day.

6. I like to cook. I will usually do Saturday morning breakfast of either pancakes or French toast, which the kids love. Sometimes we have breakfast for dinner, and I will cook that as well. I can cook other foods, mind you, but breakfast is my "special" thing to do.

7. I am somewhat selfish with my time. It takes an effort for me to volunteer to help out with certain events, but once I commit, I am glad I did.

Here are the artists I am going to tag to share 7 things about themselves if they so desire:

Joyce Ann Martin

Nikki Shoemaker

Matalonga Jorge

Diane Smith


Nikki said...

Tom, thanks for sharing more about yourself...
Honestly, I am glad you did this because I was finally able to get to your blog. For some strange reason it would never open of me before and I could never leave a comment to return the favor.. You always leave feedback on mine and I was wanting to do the same for you!!! Now I can!!!

Oh, I love the blog banner!!!!

Tom Barrett said...

Thanks, Nikki! Weird about not being able to get on. :P

Glad you finally made it!! :)

Carli said...

Hi tom,
I love roller coasters too but I like the wooden ones better. It was fun learning some little tidbits about you

Diana Evans said...

so nice to learn more about you Tom! have a wonderful day and have a mountain dew for me....


Matalonga Jorge said...

Thanks for sharing more about yourself.

I'm like a carrot, always trying to be a member of exclusive cucumbers club...(lol)

You can imagine the other 6 things!!! :D

Joyce Ann Martin said...

It's always so fun to learn more about fellow artists -- thank you for sharing! :)

Alicia Padrón said...

oh.. I hate the wooden roller coasters. they really get me to feel sick to the stomach. The other kind i like better. My favorite are the ones your feet are hanging and you are sitting down :o)

It's great to know your like to work wood too. I think is great to be able to work with our hands. Thanks for sharing Tom :o)