Tuesday, March 11, 2008

IF: Garden

Here is my initial sketch for the IF theme "garden." This is based off a small thumbnail I made last Friday. Please offer any suggestions, critiques, etc, as any information that will allow me to improve my skills is greatly appreciated. I hope to work this into a finished piece.


Alicia Padrón said...

I think is wonderful Tom!! Really good. The flowers are very well done and the bugs are so cute. I specially love the spider on the spider web! I really think this works very well. I love how the flowers have movements and the composition works too!

If I have to offer a suggestion, the only one I can think of is that we should be able to see a bit more of the kid. Let's say he is laying down on the grass, then we should be able to see his hands, maybe separating some of the flowers in order to take a peek. Or maybe he can have his arms folded underneath his chin, but we should be able to see them. Right now it seems like he is standing up on a lower level looking at the grass, which I think is not possible, since the grass should be ground level. You know what I mean? That is the only suggestion I can think of. This is a wonderful illustration Tom!

Tom Barrett said...

Thanks, Alicia. Yes, I thought that as well, about putting his hands under his chin, as if he was resting on them (but by that time I had most of this sketch done, and wanted to complete it before I started to change it).

My wife suggested having him resting on his hands at his checks, with his elbows on the ground. Thinking about it, the first idea would work better, as to me it reads more like the child is excitedly looking at the subject, where resting on the elbows to me suggests boredom or contemplation.

Thanks again for your comments!! Look for an updated drawing soon.

Chickengirl said...

Hey tom,
I agree with Alicia as well as my first reaction is that I would like to see more of the kid's body. Its going to look very cute, looking forward to seeing the final.

BTW thank you so much with your suggestion regarding my reprints turning into envelopes. I did a test run and it looks like its the perfect idea. Thanks!

Tom Barrett said...

Thanks, Jannie. Glad the idea worked out!

lil kim said...

Hey Tom, thanks for your comment on my blog. Of course you can link me - that would be great!

This is a very sweet illo. I agree with Alicia and Jannie about seeing more of his body. The other thing you could do is the complete opposite and go in for more of a closeup, so maybe the boy's face fills the whole frame, and he is looking closeup at the grass and bugs. just an idea. good luck with it!

Tom Barrett said...

Thanks, Kim. I like that idea, too!

Arianna said...

thanks for the welcome message :)
and i think that the garden draw... is wonderfull!!
i hope everything is ok :)

Angela said...

Very cute and sweet!

I agree with many of the above comments. To make the scene more intimate, and draw us in more I would suggest more of a connection with the boy and the insects since they are so cute and fun.

Tom Barrett said...

Thanks Arianna and Angela. I appreciate your feedback.

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

Great sketching/illustrating on your blog Tom...keep going!

Tom Barrett said...

Thanks, Ronell!

sketched out said...

Well, coming late to the party, I have to say I agree with all the above. My first impression was wow, this is great. Love the lil bugs and the boy's face is adorable. But then I was looking for his hands. I like the idea of his hands pushing the plants away and also the idea of getting in even closer. The only thing I could add would be maybe if you kept this vantage point and added hands, maybe add his feet coming over his head, like he's lying on his stomach... maybe, but probably the close up is better.

You are really kicking some but over here.

Oh, and thanks for you fun comments. To answer your question, yes Tom was a photojournalist most of his career. He is moving more towards interactive now, at the L.A. Daily News. You are a photog too, aren't you?

Tom Barrett said...

Thanks for the suggestions, Linda. I am in the process of reworking it this week. I am trying to find (or build) a light table to make the process easier. I hope to have a new version sometime next week.

Yes, I do enjoy photography. I love digital as it allows me so much freedom to experiment without the cost of film. I am not a professional, but I try to shoot like one! :)

Kate said...

Okay, so I was going to disagree that this needed hands, but actually hands separating the reeds would add a lot and woujld be super-easy to add.

I really love your style....reminds me a bit of Alicia's, who is one of my favorite children's illustrators.

Very cute. Bestr of luck to you, and thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your kind comments.